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20 y/o future CPA-slash-pastry chef wannabe who loves traveling as much as she loves Nutella choco spread and Swiss chocolates.


23 June 11

French Macarons from The Cookie Jar.  I got mine through purchasing Ensogo vouchers, so I got it really cheap. I texted Rae, The Cookie Jar’s owner, to confirm my order and she is kind enough to accommodate my order the first day of the claiming period. 

So far I’ve only tried 3 out of 8 flavors: Red Velvet, Vanilla Buttercream and Chocolate. Red Velvet is my favorite, it’s not too sweet, so hindi nakakaumay. In fact that taste made me crave for more. At first I find the Chocolate flavor sweeter than the usual, but as soon as I ate my second serving I kept eating them over and over. Vanilla is so-so. 

Mommy Ro of Animetric’s World told me that Pistacchio flavor is the best. So I’m ordering some next time. :) 

Box of 8: P225.00
Box of 20: P520.00

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